Aside from many roles and labels in life, I'm a musician, guitarist, bassist and all around lover of music. I have been creating and performing for nearly 3 decades. My motives have never been steeped in commercial appeal, fame or fortune. Just a passion and joy to create.

The purpose of this site is to give you a glimpse into some of my musical endeavors. To share with those of you brave enough to discover music and art not so easily obtained. Much of my music is available on streaming sites such as Spotify, iTunes, Pandora, etc. If those are your preferred methods of listening, please seek me out. However I encourage you to visit here often, I tend to post new material before it becomes available on said sites.


A brief history,

A Pacific NW native, Joshua Slamp was born into a musical family. Beginning his musical exploits on piano at the age of 9, then trombone at 11, before switching to guitar. Self taught and eager to create, he set out to discover his voice. During the height of the "Grunge Era", Portland was pulsing with creative energy, an abundance of talent and venues helped drive the local music scene. Joshua soon found himself center stage performing in such notable acts as Mind Disciple, Feral Muthas and the Fetish Kings. 


Mid 2005 marked the beginning of Joshua's solo endeavor. It was then; he released his self-titled debut. Drawing influence from such artists as Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, John Scofield and Pat Metheny. Indie-music.com describes his CD as "an eclectic mix", "with a lush diversity" and proclaiming it "an impressive debut".


Since then, Joshua has continued to write and release and impressive body of instrumental work inspired by Rock, Funk, Blues, Jazz and World genres. He's also lent his guitar and bass talents to acts such as, Mojo Phooey (Rock, Pop, Funk), Pilar French (Singer-Songwriter), You Know Nothing (Rock/Punk), Suspension (Instrumental Rock) and Special Purpose (Funk/Jazz Inspired) to name a few.

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