/kəˈlabəˌrāt/   verb

-to work jointly on an activity, especially to produce or create something.

I love creating new music. I live for collaborating with other musicians- writing and recording. I have long mused with the idea of establishing an online creative community. Given the current state of things, now seems like a good time.


Below is a a fun, funky idea I wrote... now, its your turn to add your part!

Heres the concept:  

Write and record an idea for the song "Funkin Junkin" (see below) 

It can be a solo, melody, vocals, cello, keyboards, shaker, etc... 

How to start?

Download the mp3 version of "Funkin Junkin" below or email me and I'll send a dropbox link for a high resolution mix version for you to work on. 

Song and track details-

Key: Gmin

Bpm: 116

Bit and sample rate: 24bit/44.1

(Recorded in Logic with a simple Focusrite interface)


The deadline for submissions is April 24th.

To submit your contribution:  

Upload an mp3 mix to the box below, or, preferably,  

upload 24/44.1 wave stems of your contributing track(s) for me to produce.

Please include your name on all files you submit.

Also if you have any songs or ideas you'd like to bounce off me, please do so.


Lets makes some music!

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