• Joshua Slamp

New Beginnings

If anyone has visited this site in the past, you may have noticed the blog section has come and gone a few times. I have decided to hit the reset button and start over.

My goal is to use this section as a springboard from my thoughts and ideas. I've had difficulty in the past letting go and sharing. But I'm hoping to change that and help shed light on my creative output as well as general thoughts and happenings pertaining to music and its creation.

With that said, please take some time to listen to music on this site. You'll find plenty of songs that have been released, as well as demo's and past projects you will only find here. Its easy to fall into the trap of just hearing artists and songs that you're familiar with or that are easily searched and publicized. However, I employ any true music lover to explore outside of their comfort zone and known catalog. Try to broaden your music vocabulary by enriching yourself with lesser known artists and songs. You may actually discover something new and refreshing.


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