• Joshua Slamp

Hello 2019!

Alright, its 2019! I know I waited a couple weeks, just wanted to be sure I wasn't hallucinating. Last year was a hell of a ride. Every year is for that matter I guess. However 2018 had some especially grueling challenges. Between failed music endeavors (I won't name any names), to trying to raise a family and to trying to make sense of the nonsensical we as humans inflict on the universe. It all made for an interest year.

For me, the caring for and sudden passing of my stepmother was exceptionally hard. I'm still reeling for that and probably will be for some time. As difficult as it was, I do realize this is what we all must go through at varying levels at some stage in our lives.

Death isn't a stranger to me. But as I grow with years, one can start to feel the effects of lose in a different light. When those whom you hold in the highest regard are no longer with us, you feel a sense of yourself has died along with them. The world feels a bit more lonely and isolated.

With that said, my hope for this year to bring many friends together and make much music. I still feel a kindred connection to the art of sound. Its something that gives me great pleasure to create and perform. My hope is to find others with whom share the same passion.

So if you're a music creator and or lover, please don't hesitate to reach out.

Here's to making 2019 a great year, at least sonically.


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