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Happy new year! Once again we have a chance at a fresh start and new beginnings. This year looks to have a few new opportunities and challenges that await me. I'm open to it. I read once that its not a good idea to share ones goals and objectives. By doing so it seemingly tricks one into feeling as though its already been achieved simply by sharing it. I can see some merit in that. However I'd like to throw caution to the wind and share a couple.

Some may know that I have been picking up the bass far more then guitar as of late. I've really enjoyed throwing myself into understanding its role and learning new instrument specific techniques like slapping and popping. I have also been challenged with learning the upright. Which has helped me to strengthen my knowledge of music theory and sight reading. My hope is to continue to improve and grow on the bass and to perform and write with more acts.

Another big objective of mine this year, is to expand my circle of influence. I'd like to connect with more music lovers, listeners and players. This seems to be my most daunting task. My experience with social media hasn't proven to unearth much opportunity. Admittedly I haven't been too good at participating though. Perhaps that should be another goal.

I do have some ideas to help create some community. I will share more as things progress.

Well, until next time. Good luck to all and enjoy.


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