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He's got the Jack!

Updated: Jun 29

Sorry I couldn't help quoting AC/DC's song "The Jack"!

So this week I took a step away from own musical endeavors to help record some bass and guitar for Simon Milliman's solo project Urban Jack. This was all done socially distant in the comfort of my own studio. Simon emailed me the songs, I did my thang and emailed him the individual tracks I recorded for him to add. Simple as that.

Simon has given himself the challenge to release an albums worth of material each month. I believe he has 3 released so far. His next album is due out in just a few days. Not sure the title of it yet. But you can hear me playing bass on "Tenebrae", guitar on "Before The Work Is Done" and both bass and guitar on "Lies I Tell Myself". I will post links once they are available.

Heres a link to Urban Jack's SoundCloud page.

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