• Joshua Slamp

I’m tired! Are you?

I’m tired of the hate, violence, segregation and despair put on our black and brown brothers and sisters.

I’m tired of the hidden agendas our government and elected officials have placed on the rights of our fellow citizens as a means to control and divide us.

Human rights and equality for all isn’t a choice. Its a GOD given necessity for ALL humans on this planet, not just the chosen few in power.

Fear and violence only begets more of the same. But I get it. We’re broken. Our nation is broken. Our love and hearts are broken. No-one has REALLY listened to the cries and pleas for help. Many of us sit comfortably behind our screens, in our own little worlds, judging and fueling the very root of hate and greed that drives us apart through our ignorance.

I don’t know the answers. I’m just as ignorant as the rest of us. But it can’t continue. Our children and grandchildren depend on us to show them we are ALL loved and cared for. If not, they’ll continue to carry the torch of hate, deceit and ignorance as we have.




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