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Updated: Jun 13

This week I'm sharing my latest recording entitled Monterey. I spent a bit of time these past few days comping out an old idea that I had shelved for a number of years. Wasn't really prepared to do anything with it after its creation. But after reaquainting myself with it, found inspiration.

I faced a few challenges in getting it recorded. Its predominantly comprised of acoustic instruments, guitar and upright. I haven't done much open mic'd recording in my new space and really could hear the room and outside noise while trying to capture the performance. Also haven't had much experience recording the double bass. Lovely instrument but not the easiest to carve out a sonic space in the mix. At least not as easily in my experience in recording electric bass. However, I found a mic and placement that did a nice job capturing it. Had to play with a few mic options for the acoustic guitar. Theres inherently a fair amount of string noise due to the nature of the piece. I tried to automate as much of it out as I could, can't really remove it entirely. I figured if its good enough for Radioheads "Nice Dream" off The Bends album, then its good enough for me.

Well with that said, enjoy!

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