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Updated: Jan 19

So far 2020 has proven to be off to a great start with music. I helped play bass at a couple shows for the Jazz/Rock group Special Purpose. Great bunch of highly talented and educated musicians. Could be some more shows on the books in the future. You should really check one out if you get the chance.

I‘m always open to help any other artists in need of my talents. Nothing turns me on more then a motivated bunch of musician.

Bass over the past year or two, has really been a big focal point for me. Since acquiring the upright, it’s proven to be a great tool and motivator in helping refresh my knowledge of music theory and sense of time, as well as working on instrument specific techniques like, walking lines and slap on the electric bass.

One thing I’m hoping to accomplish this year, is to finally perform with the upright on stage. Looks promising.

Anyway, that’s about all the gray matter I can muster. I’ll do my best to keep posting on here.

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