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I have had the privilege to be apart of a number of great projects over the years. Some as a member, others as a studio musician for bass and or guitar. I thought it would be nice to share a few, in no particular order of course. Enjoy!

Urban Jack - The Weeping Candles

A few weeks ago Simon Milliman, the creative mind behind Urban Jack, asked me to contribute some bass and guitar to a few songs for his latest album, The Weeping Candles. I added bass to "Tenebrae" and "Lies I Tell Myself", as well as guitar leads for "Lies I Tell Myself" and "Before the Work is Done". Simon is on a quest to release an album each month.

Special Purpose

Just before the pandemic, I was in the throws of playing with some amazingly talented musicians in the Jazz, Fusion, Pop group, Special Purpose. Led by Lance Vallis, a fantastic guitarist, Jessica Paige O'Reilly (vocals), Juan Felipe BZ (drums), Melissa Carroll (saxophone/flute), along with a revolving door of keyboardist.

We were starting to get some steady monthly gigs, then all hell broke loose. We're just now beginning to pickup the pieces. Hopefully we'll be back at it once the dust settles.

Here are some tracks off the album. No that is not me on bass. Hunter Parmentier did all the heavy-lifting on this one. We do have some songs we're fleshing out to record as we speak. Stay tuned.

Mojo Phooey

I was an active member in the Rock, Pop, R&B, Funk flavored group Mojo Phooey for nearly 4 years. Definitely one of my favorite projects to be apart of. I got to play with great musicians, played some amazing shows and most importantly, got people to get out and dance.

Needless to say, life and egos (mine included) got in the way and things fell apart. Jason Pope the singer decided to take the reigns of our recordings by mixing, producing and ultimately releasing it upon our demise. Sadly I didn't get much say in the final product or writing credit for much of the music, minus "Playing Around". Regardless, you can hear me playing guitar on all the tracks.

Pilar French - Alive

I was and am still an active participant in Pilar's band. Her album "Alive" was released in 2009. I play slide guitar on "One More Dance" and "Try". I also play bass on all the songs minus "Try".

She and I have performed together quite a bit over the years. I've had the fortune to grace some amazing venues and stages thanks to her. We typically play a number of gigs each summer. Unfortunately, all foreseeable gigs this year are canceled. Heres looking to 2021.


Schwarzenegger was a drunkin Punk/Rock project formed with longtime friends, Jason Ulrich and Ian Powell. I wanted to try my hand at drumming. Jason held down the guitar and Ian was the voice. Shortly after the inception of the project, I moved to the Bay Area. Both Ian and Jason came down a couple times a year to continue writing and demoing songs.

A couple years into it, I moved back up to Portland and we continued getting together. Outside of playing one house party, we never performed a show or officially released anything. Here are a couple demo's. I was ultimately tasked as the rhythm section, performing both bass and drum duties on these demo'd recordings.

Fetish Kings

Another great band that ended too soon. The Fetish Kings was a Blues/Rock project from the late 90's. Initially I was asked to help fill in on guitar when this project was a blues group called "Shakin Jake and the Live Wires". We did a few gigs under that name before we evolved into The Fetish Kings and what you hear below.

I believe we were together for about 2 - 2 1/2 years. We played out quite a bit. Lots of festivals it would seem. Things started to fall apart just before our bassist Russ moved to Florida. We tried to carry on but life got in the way. We did finish up a nice little album, although it was never released. Seems to be theme here. Anyway, here are a couple tunes off of our album entitled, "Sex Sells".

Some honorable mentions,

You Know Nothing - Rock/Metal - Jason Ulrich, longtime buddy of mine and fellow member of Schwarzenegger. I help fill in the low end whenever they have a show. We've played out about a dozen times or so over the past couple years.

Suspension - Instrumental Guitar Rock - A fun trio with Kevin Bennett (drums), Darren CdeBaca (guitar) and me on bass. We've only played out a couple times. Our last performance was to a great crowd just before the shutdown. Looking forward to rockin again soon.

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