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Remnants of Despair

Last week I quietly shared my latest song/recording. It's a bit heavier sounding rock/metal tune then I have posted in recent times.

A little back story, this is actually a new take on an old idea. I initially came up with this song concept back when I was 18 performing in a group called Spiritual Dream. I don't recall if I had written lyrics to it or not. I seem to recall playing it live at least once.

Fast forward to the 90's, I was in the band The Fetish Kings and the song was resurrected once again. It was a bit of a different sound for that band which was predominantly a Blues/Rock outfit. We recorded it for our album that never got released.

Now here we are, its 2020, lots of chaos and craziness stirring about right now. For whatever reason, this song kept jumping out to me. So I thought I'd throw together a fun little sample of it in a more up to date manor.

I decided to recorded it using my very first guitar, a Hohner Strat copy. Which has been modified with DiMarzio pickups. I had always wanted a shredder like an Ibanez or ESP, but couldn't afford one. Back then they would set you back quite a bit. So I just kept adding pickups to it. I'll see about posting a pic.

As for the amp, I used my Randall Switchmaster head (recently had it refurbished) through a vintage Marshall 4x12 cabinet. The head was given to me by my Father. It was his, I borrowed it from him when I starting playing out along with his Ibanez UE300 pedal, which has chorus, tube screamer and a compressor. He gifted them to me on my 19th or 20th birthday. This was my main rig (minus the Marshall cab) for the better part of a decade.

Anyway, click on the picture to hear it on my SoundCloud page.


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