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We all have our ideas of what success looks like, accomplishments, achievements, milestones, fame, fortune...all of it somehow fits into our personal narrative of what it means to be successful.

As a aging musician, I have battled with many hurtles as to what success should look like. I have never had a hit song, sold lots of records, had a lot of streams, a large social media following, etc. All of which are great indicators of accomplishments. Honestly those kinds of achievements never really interested or motivated me much? I guess I'm somewhat of a recluse and introvert, not really much of an entertainer per se. I'm not saying I wouldn't accept or have accepted an ounce of it had it come my way. Instead I've embraced the simple act of creation as my motivation and inspiration. For over three decades thats been my primary focus, to create and share sounds and stories through music. Not for the fame or fortune, but because I truly love music. Truth be told, I can't seem to stop, I've tried.

Which brings me to the present. Given the current state of events, I have had more time to focus my attention on music, for better or worse. Its been bittersweet to say the least. However I decided it was energy well spent vs falling into a state of apathy. Which would be a fine response given the gravity of our situation. I chose to focus on writing more and thought I would reach out to a number of music publishers and licensing companies to see if they would be interested finding them a home. Needless to say, three or so months later, I've been met with a number of rejections and dead ends. I didn't have grand delusions that this would be easy. However, it begs the question, am I delusional? In the bigger picture its really not my call. Its safe to say I'm a little bias. Anyway, here is a response from one of the companies I submitted to. I've received approximately six rejections so far, they all read about the same.


Hi Joshua,

Thank you for taking the time to submit your music and for your interest in Music Vine.

Our team have taken a listen to your portfolio and while we enjoyed your music, unfortunately we don't feel it's quite right for Music Vine.

As you can imagine, we receive a huge volume of applications and we are very selective with taking on board music that is both highly relevant for our customers and that compliments our current roster. With this in mind, our decision to decline an application is often in no way reflective of our thoughts on the artistic merit of the music and the effort that has clearly gone into making it.

Please note that due to large quantity of applicants we receive, we are unfortunately unable to answer specific questions relating to your application.

We appreciate it's never nice to be declined, but we hope you understand and wish you all the very best with your music.

- Music Vine


Good stuff!? So, am I fooling myself into thinking that what I create matters? And does that even matter? Can and should it exist without being rewarded or appreciated? I don't know, in my world it does. At the end of the day, I like what I do, regardless of its measurable "success".


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